Content for customer is the King !

Content is considered as the king when it comes to online marketing. I do better say content was the king, is the king and will be the king forever.

Every online marketing professional should learn the fact that content is for the customers. Companies invest huge amount of money in content marketing strategies but seldom check if the content is made for the customer needs. There are various channels for marketing your content but you only have a single chance to impress the potential customer. Make sure your content is for customers rather than just promotional material. To be effective you need to offer content that meets the customer requirement. It is always important to create appealing content that impress the potential customer and meet his/her needs. Companies should learn the best way to present their content to visitors.

The next step is to learn which is the best channel to market your content, where your potential customers are and ways to engage with them. In this era of digital media you need to stay updated with new channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. that created large user base within short span of time.
In the end, it’s not about spending huge amount for content marketing but is all about creating the right content, targeting the right audience and marketing it in the right channels.

Good luck with your content marketing strategy!

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Fragrance of Life

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” ~ Oscar Wilde
Nostalgic memories with fragrance are part of life and it travels with us throughout our life. Nostalgic memories childhood with fragrance are the best memories to cherish. I too had memories with fragrance in my childhood that I love to cherish throughout my entire life. One such memory with fragrance of childhood is of our living room in our sweet home. We had a wonderful living room where me and my brothers used to play games, quarrel with each other and have fun. Every family will be having a living room that is decorated in the most beautiful manner. I am so fond of our living room that I remember the fragrance each and every small thing in my living room from flowers to floor mat.

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The second fragrance that comes to my mind is of the beautiful jasmine flowers my mother used to keep in our room. I truly love the fragrance and always used to wonder that pleasant smelling flowers will  float on the breeze throughout our room and trigger my enthusiasm to study.

This blog post is written for "Smelly To Smiley!" contest by Ambi Pur on Indiblogger.

Share your nostalgic memories you associate with different smells or fragrances in your home.


Why should brands know the art of social media storytelling ?

Social media marketing is all about social media storytelling. Brands needs to engage with their followers and fans more often with interesting stories that keep the conversation live. The amount of interest your brand’s story generates on social media networks impacts the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.

Connections in social media are really important when it comes to marketing your brand’s products and services.Make your connections strong and solid on every social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The story content of your brand should be interesting enough to generate more conversation and engagement.  

Steps for Social Media Storytelling

1. Listen to your brand followers and fans as often as you can.
2. Set goals for your brand’s social media marketing campaign.
3. Brainstorm stories that relate to your brand. Tell the brand story visually as you can.
4. Measure brands social media success with specific metrics. Learn from social media mistakes and social media wins.
5. Repeat. Listen online for reactions and try new story telling tactics with your knowledge and experience.

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Social Media Marketing is Not A Fad !

The best way to measure your brand’s influence in online marketplace is to do a deep analysis of your competitor’s performance in social media. A social media competitor analysis is highly important if you want to leverage social media is the best possible manner. Identify new social media opportunities and ways to engage with your fans and followers is highly important in social media marketing. Standing out in the race is as important as staying ahead in the race. Social media story telling is the best way to stand out. Do competitor analysis to find out if your brand stands out.

When Should I perform Social Media Competitor Analysis?

Information is vital when you want to stay ahead of your competitors in online space. Always keep in mind that the social media competitor analysis you perform is to analyze how your brand is performing in social media space against your competitors. Sometimes your brand will be performing badly or else your brand will be performing well. The main reasons to do social media competitor analysis:

1.     To know how well your competitors are engaging in social media

2.     To identify opportunities your competitors are missing

3.     To learn the overall social media market for your brand

The study will help you to self-motivate and attain success in social media space.

When and where to start Social Media Marketing?

Once you have gathered all the information about potential customers and major competitors in social media it is the right time to start. To start you need to focus on social media networks where your potential customers. Let’s say Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. Make sure you don’t miss the right network where you potential customers are.

What are my Social Media Marketing objectives/goals?

You need to have clear objectives/goals before you start your social media campaign. The social media campaign strategy should be made based on your brand’s social media marketing objectives/goals.

How should I measure Social Media ROI?

The biggest challenge of every social media campaign lies in the effective measurement of ROI. The clear objectives/goals you set come handy while you measure social media ROI. If you campaign was able to meet your key performance indicators and set objectives/goals then your social media campaign was a success. You can use different tools to measure social media success. Google Analytics provides traffic from social media channels.


Social media marketing can be helpful when you do it in the right way with competitor analysis, social media strategy, social media objectives and social media measurement. 

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Why should every business have a social media marketing strategy ?

Social Media have captured all business decision makes and it is highly important to be present on social media websites.  If you haven’t been on social media then you are definitely a step behind your competitor.

According to eMarketer, more than 1.4 billion people worldwide used social media or social networking sites in 2012. The usage will increase in 2013 with more and more companies getting into social media. Social media is a new channel to reach the global audience in a faster way.  Companies of all sizes need to have a presence in social media. A mere presence won’t just help but a strong social media strategy is going to help your business reach global audience and the new channel will drive new customers.

Begin With Social Media Monitoring

The first and foremost thing for any business is know where your potential customers are. Social media monitoring will help you select the best social media platform where your potential customers are. New social media platforms like Google+ have more than 343 million users but it is still not leverage by brands effectively. The best way to enter social media marketing is to build your business presence in social media platforms that have potential customers and that have been less leveraged by competitors. This strategy will give you an edge on your competitor’s social media marketing strategy. 

Social Media Goals & Measurement

The most important business objective of any business is to acquire leads/ conversions. A social media marketing campaign should also generate leads/ conversions.  Keep your social media goals set in a clear manner that meets your return on investment. Social media results can be measured easily with your brand mentions, traffic to your website and leads/ conversions from your social media platforms. Google have now gone a step forth by providing social reports that measure referring traffic and lead/ conversion to your websites. 

Integrate Social Media with Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are now like fingers of same hand. You need to keep your search engine optimization strategy and social media marketing strategy on same page in the same direction to enhance better results.  Every social media marketing campaign should have optimized keywords that attract more user engagement and thereby more leads/ conversions. 

SoLoMo - Social Local and Mobile

Now it is the era of social, local and mobile. No local business can survive without social media and mobile platforms. Make your social media strategy for mobile users as social media marketing campaigns are never complete without mobile users. The increased use of Smartphone and tablets make it really important for you to create social media campaign that goes well with mobile phones.

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