Why should every business have a social media marketing strategy ?

Social Media have captured all business decision makes and it is highly important to be present on social media websites.  If you haven’t been on social media then you are definitely a step behind your competitor.

According to eMarketer, more than 1.4 billion people worldwide used social media or social networking sites in 2012. The usage will increase in 2013 with more and more companies getting into social media. Social media is a new channel to reach the global audience in a faster way.  Companies of all sizes need to have a presence in social media. A mere presence won’t just help but a strong social media strategy is going to help your business reach global audience and the new channel will drive new customers.

Begin With Social Media Monitoring

The first and foremost thing for any business is know where your potential customers are. Social media monitoring will help you select the best social media platform where your potential customers are. New social media platforms like Google+ have more than 343 million users but it is still not leverage by brands effectively. The best way to enter social media marketing is to build your business presence in social media platforms that have potential customers and that have been less leveraged by competitors. This strategy will give you an edge on your competitor’s social media marketing strategy. 

Social Media Goals & Measurement

The most important business objective of any business is to acquire leads/ conversions. A social media marketing campaign should also generate leads/ conversions.  Keep your social media goals set in a clear manner that meets your return on investment. Social media results can be measured easily with your brand mentions, traffic to your website and leads/ conversions from your social media platforms. Google have now gone a step forth by providing social reports that measure referring traffic and lead/ conversion to your websites. 

Integrate Social Media with Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are now like fingers of same hand. You need to keep your search engine optimization strategy and social media marketing strategy on same page in the same direction to enhance better results.  Every social media marketing campaign should have optimized keywords that attract more user engagement and thereby more leads/ conversions. 

SoLoMo - Social Local and Mobile

Now it is the era of social, local and mobile. No local business can survive without social media and mobile platforms. Make your social media strategy for mobile users as social media marketing campaigns are never complete without mobile users. The increased use of Smartphone and tablets make it really important for you to create social media campaign that goes well with mobile phones.

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