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Why should brands know the art of social media storytelling ?

Social media marketing is all about social media storytelling. Brands needs to engage with their followers and fans more often with interesting stories that keep the conversation live. The amount of interest your brand’s story generates on social media networks impacts the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.

Connections in social media are really important when it comes to marketing your brand’s products and services.Make your connections strong and solid on every social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The story content of your brand should be interesting enough to generate more conversation and engagement.  

Steps for Social Media Storytelling

1. Listen to your brand followers and fans as often as you can.
2. Set goals for your brand’s social media marketing campaign.
3. Brainstorm stories that relate to your brand. Tell the brand story visually as you can.
4. Measure brands social media success with specific metrics. Learn from social media mistakes and social media wins.
5. Repeat. Listen online for reactions and try new story telling tactics with your knowledge and experience.

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How to be successful on social media ?

Social Media is a wonder world where people spend hours of time each day updating status, sharing news, interacting with friends and connecting with new people. To manage social media effectively everyone needs a social media plan.

Know your connections and interest

It is always important to know who your connections are on each social network. The specific set of interests your connections share with you in each social network. Create content based on your connections and their interest. Share the content with specific connections who are interested in the particular content you are sharing and it will help your content reach virally to more people with same interest.

Social media is like word of mouth and it is highly important to share content that is of interest to users. Keep in mind that people care about topics that are of interest to them.

Know when to share

Knowing your social media contacts as well as their interest is important but it is also important to know when to share content on social media website. Social media is all about engagement and it is therefore important to share content at right time.

Measure your success

It is important for professionals to measure the success of their social media platforms. Use a social media tool to measure your social media success.

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