Internet is fun with social media

Today each and every child is aware about the latest digital technologia. I used to see the radio when I was a kid. Every house had a radio in that time, after sometime I started to TV. The same way I used to see VCR then came DVD players. I also saw big personal computers (PC's) then the size became small with laptops and netbooks. In my childhood I have seen people writing inland letters and postcards then all of a sudden I started to see people interacting through emails. Technology is developing so fast and we all need to stay updated with the latest technologies. I am so lucky to have been in the digital technology era. The greatest invention of digital technology era is mobile phones. I have seen telephones in my house then after my college days I started to see mobile phones. The mobile phones was then replaced by smart phones and tablets. The most important use of smart phones is that you can keep connected with your friends and family on the move. I am now able to interact with all my friends through my mobile internet.

The most useful thing on mobile is the applications. Every smartphones have a wide range of inbuilt applications. Google Android operating system is reliable and supports a wide range of applications. For me Internet is an inevitable thing as I am working in online marketing industry. Digital media is an advanced version of Internet. In digital media you need to stay connected to digital media through latest technology gadgets. Internet is so fun even when you are marketing. The social media marketing and community management allows me to interact and build strong relationship with people across the world.

Another great way to use internet on mobile is when you are travelling abroad. Vodafone offers smart plans for using mobile aboard.

Today each and every person spends atleast 1 hour on Internet. Soon we will see a generation that will say "I cannot lead a life without internet".

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